WWE Divas

Meet the Sexy, Smart and Powerful Divas who are currently part of the WWE. Check some out on the Las Vegas WWE here. Also information from a local Las Vegas girl, WWE blog SoCalUncensored.

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Alicia Fox:

This Foxy lady has fought her way to the top. In 2010, she made her name as the first African-American woman to come out on top at the Divas Championship. She can be seen on the show “Total Divas” where she is a part of Team Bella, along with Brie Bella and Nikki.

Miss Foxy is a femme fetal that is resourceful- in and out of the ring.

Becky Lynch:

This diva hails from Dublin, Ireland and has an unmistakable fiery streak- and the red hair to match! Becky is a part of WWE NXT, where she joined with Sasha Banks to create Team B.A.E- Best At Everything.

Brie Bella:

Half of the Bella twins, she started her career with her twin Nikki. Debuting on the WWE stage in 2008, Brie is now a part of the hit show “Total Divas”. The Bella Twins have recently added Alicia Fox to their team, making Team Bella a force to be reckoned with.


This California native has brains as well as beauty. Along with her physical prowess, she holds degrees in both psychology and business. Cameron, and her antics, can be seen on the reality show “Total Divas”.


Charlotte is no stranger to the WWE scene seeing as how her father is Ric Flair, World Champion 16-times over. She came onto the scene with WWE NXT and this year has been made a full-time diva. Charlotte has overcome the competition the only way she knows how- with flair! Some people think where you get your photos printed doesn’t matter, but the best photography is printed with trustworthy companies.


Eden was destined for the spotlight. With her career beginning as a news anchor, Eden aimed to rise to the top. She soon became an announcer for WWE NXT. Her role in the WWE has her doing backstage interviews and doing announcements for the main events.


This beauty from down under may look innocent, but she carries herself with confidence and has a mean punch! Known for her quirky victory dance, Emma is featured on WWE NXT. She has recently come back to the ring with a fierce attitude, ready to take down anyone in her way!

Eva Marie:

Former model Eva Marie is remembered as the diva who slapped Jerry “The King” Lawler across the face during her first Raw match. Since then, she has continued to prove herself as a fierce competitor. Featured on “Total Divas”, Eva Marie is proving herself to be as bold as her crimson hair.


Lana is a triple threat- beautiful, smart, and Russian. The Ravishing Russian first made her appearance in the WWE backing Rusev. Lana has stirred controversy when she publicly backed Russian President Vladimir Putin, and called US President Barack Obama a “sissy”. Lana has recently suffered a wrist injury that is keeping her out of the ring, however it was announced that she and Rusev are now engaged.

Lilian Garcia

Lilian is best known for her role as an announcer and a regular performer of “The Star Spangled Banner” before matches. After leaving WWE for a period, she is back and announcing for Raw.


Naomi is a professional dancer who’s moves turn heads- in and out of the ring. She can be seen on “Total Divas” and is teamed up with Tamina as Team BAD.


Natalya is another diva beauty who has the sport in her blood. She emulates the same tough, forceful style of her father- Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart. Natalya can be seen on the show “Total Divas”.

Nikki Bella:

Tomboy Nikki Bella makes up the other half of the beautiful Bella twins and Team Bella. This fearless beauty has been turning heads ever since she started her WWE career in 2008. Along with the rest of Team Bella, Nikki is featured on “Total Divas”.


Paige is probably best known as the first NXT Women’s Champion, which is a title she earned. Paige was a part of Team PCB, which also includes Charlotte and Becky Lynch. Recently the team had a falling-out and Paige went head-to-head with Charlotte at the WWE TLC.

Renee Young:

Renee has exploded onto the WWE scene since her debut in 2012. She is a broadcast personality who has quickly adapted to her role. She can be seen as a commentator on both WWE Superstars and WWE NXT.

Rosa Mendes:

Rosa is a stunning Latina who made the transition from fan to intern to Diva. She is one to watch, as she has her eye on winning the next Diva Award.


Tamina is a force on Team BAD and has proven that she is not to be messed with. Debuting in 2010, Tamina has battled against some of the best and come out on top.

Sasha Banks:

Sasha was a NXT competitor who proved her strength. She is a main part of Team BAD and is known for her high-flying moves.

Summer Rae:

Summer debuted on the WWE scene as the beauty behind Fandango. The pair since split, and Summer has proven herself to be more than Fandango’s partner. She is now with Tyler Breeze and determined to get a Diva title.